dancing into life

FIRE: Dancing Into Life

FIRE is the third release by Nicolle NEILL Roen in as many years. Combining a love of electronic dance music, heavy beats, positive vibes, and sacred Mantra, FIRE is a dance oriented album with deep grooves and world sounds.

FIRE is an album composed for dancers- electronic beats and sweet grooves provide the backdrop for alternative female vocals of an uplifting, reflective nature. At once light hearted and deep, worldly and relatable, FIRE: Dancing into Life is a must have addition for any dancer enthusiast, be it free style, fire dancing, belly dancing, and beyond.

Track List:

1. Up in Flames
2. Avalokiteshvara
3. Sacred Fire
4. Tara Remix
5. Spiral Dance
6. Following Your Folly
7. Starlight
8. Never Enough Time
9. Refuge
10. Spirits of Fire
11. I Changed My Mind
12. We are the Weavers

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Welcome to Fire–
Jump in
And over, and in between, calling yourself out from the shadows
dancing with the flames.
And when all that you known and love has gone away,
warm yourself with a spark of wild inside–
May you find strength and beauty in the life and death of the flames–
shining light across your eyes,
illuminating that which lies before you.

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