Nicolle NEILL Roen is a teacher, musician, facilitator, and interdisciplinary artist born in the Midwest, and residing in Santa Fe NM since 2003. She began studying yoga in college in 2004, and meditation after she graduated with a degree in interdisciplinary art in 2007. She is a senior teacher in the Prajna Yoga school, and a student in the somatic meditation lineage of Reggie Ray and Dharma Ocean. NEILL travels the world sharing a love of yoga, meditation, music, and creative expression through retreats, workshops, concerts, and classes.

In 2016 NEILL released the first two of five CDBooks in her Elements Series. WATER: From the Infinite Well and AIR: Resonant Heart are 12-track music CDs accompanied by a 60-page contemplative, guided activity book with space to be filled in by the reader. The book includes lyrics, translations, and original photography. It is made in the USA of recycled materials.


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Nicolle NEILL Roen is a 500-hour certified Prajna Yoga teacher, and has been teaching since 2008. Prajna Yoga blends alignment, movement, mindfulness, sound, and therapeutic application of asana into a deeply healing practice. Nicolle specializes in teaching all levels classes, providing a fun and welcoming atmosphere for any level of practitioner. As a singer, she offers the soothing gift of song to her classes, a treat which has caused many students to return again and again.


Specializing in vocals and world percussion, Nicolle NEILL completed a degree in music and art at the College of Santa Fe in 2007. She found Balkan Folk music by accident in 2004 and has been hooked on its exotic and hypnotizing sounds ever since. She has played in several Balkan music bands. The five woman ensemble Rusalki released their debut Album …Pearls from the Bottom of the Ocean… in 2009 and it was one of five nominations for Best New Album of the Year in Santa Fe.

Her next project, Rumelia, released an album in 2013 Lost and Found.

She currently performs with Rumelia Collective and The 505 Khans.

NEILL also specializes in electronic music composition and production, using Ableton live, Omnisphere, vocal layers, ambient drones, and organic electronic beats.

NEILL’s vocals have featured in tracks produced by Desert Dwellers and DrumSpyder.

NEILL is also a producer and vocal recording engineer for other female vocalists and musicians.


NEILL has always walked the line where many disciplines meet- music, poetry, creative writing, photography, and interactivity. Her projects leave space for the listener/reader to engage with the content and write their own story through creative project and writing prompts, while providing an immersive environment of healing sound, photography, and contemplative suggestions to be woven into one’s life.

Listening to and especially participating in MUSIC has been scientifically proven to:

  • Lower heart rate
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Expand lung capacity
  • Regulate breathing
  • Stimulate the brain &
  • Strengthen the diaphragm

On a subtler level, engaging with SOUND:

  • Brings us into our bodies
  • Connects us with our breathing
  • Cultivates a calm heart/mind
  • Settles thoughts and nurtures a meditative atmosphere