Sound Collection


NEILL’s Five Element Series includes:

SMOKE: Offerings to Earth and Sky 

SMOKE is a gentle meditative album featuring deep ambient drones and traditional vocal melodies. 

EARTH: Songs for Mother

EARTH is a collection of songs and mantras in honor of Mother Nature. It features traditional, folk, and original songs in gratitude and appreciation of the Earth, the elements, and the Mother archetype.

FIRE: Dancing Into Life

FIRE is the third release by Nicolle NEILL Roen in as many years. Combining a love of electronic dance music, heavy beats, positive vibes, and sacred Mantra, FIRE is a dance oriented album with deep grooves and world sounds.

WATER: From the Infinite Well

WATER explores ancient mantras of India and Tibet with original melodies, ambient drones, world percussion, and gentle electronic elements under a layered atmosphere of gentle vocals.

AIR: Resonant Heart

AIR is a call and response learning tool for incorporating traditional contemplative mantras from India and Tibet into your daily life and practice, creating an environment where one can learn by ear, and practice chanting with a group.

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