Nicolle is offering two courses during the University of Minnesota’s conference:

The Healing Art of Sacred Sound

Sound as a healing art has become more and more popular in today’s world. Rightly so, as it’s powerful vibrations can produce unbelievable results for both those creating it, and those simply sharing the space.

When sound moves through our mouth, throat and lungs, our brain and heart are stimulated and filled with cellular vibration. Current research shows that chanting induces relaxation by lowering the heart rate and slowing the breath.

This workshop will utilize mantras from Yoga, Buddhism, and Goddess traditions to settle our heart mind, entrain our breathing and heartbeats to each other, and to weave our voices into a beautiful tapestry of sound in a warm and welcoming community space.

An Introduction to the Five Wisdom Energies

Also known as the “Buddha families”, the five wisdom energies are the basis of the five colors of the Tibetan prayer flags seen so frequently in today’s world, and a fundamental teaching of Tibetan Buddhist psychology.

We will use music, movement, objects, activities, affirmations, and brief maitri (loving kindness) meditations to explore these energies in a playful and relaxed environment.  We will discuss the way these different wisdom energies manifest in our day-to-day lives, and how we might bring balance to our system through recognizing and utilizing the different energies, cultivating stability and balance in our mind and body.

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