AIR: Resonant Heart

In honoring the element AIR, the second in NEILL’s Element Series, this album features simple tracks with acoustic drone instruments, bells, and singing bowls. It is designed as a meditation and learning tool, providing an opportunity to learn some of the most popular contemplative chants of India and Tibet in a traditional call and response style.

Air is designed as a practice album, a learning tool. It was recorded with a group of my friends and students, using the traditional call and response style-breaking the mantras down into pieces and building up to the whole, so that one might be able to learn by ear.

Track List:

1. Gayatri to the Sun
2. Lokah Samastah
3. Vajra Guru Mantra
4. Chanting the Chakras
5. Om Namo Bhagavate
6. Chenrezig ~ Avalokiteshvara
7. Tara ~ Divine Feminine
8. Yoga is Clarity ~ Sutra 2.16
9. Medicine Buddha
10. Shanti Mantra
11. The Heart Sutra
12. Ko Hum So Hum

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